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LMD Phase 4

Being an Executive is different from being a Manager, and requires not only different skills, but a different mindset and priorities. Phase 4 of the Lead-Manage-Do Leadership Development™ Program is designed to give senior business Leaders the skills and mindset they need to succeed as an Executive.

Phase 4 – Executive

Module 1: Stress Management and finding Balance in all things
Module 2: Using the Business Model Canvas to Drive Innovation
Module 3: Maintaining a Work/Life balance
Module 4: Business Process Improvement
Module 5: Developing & Implementing a Strategic Plan
Module 6: Reward and Recognition Programs
Module 7: Developing and Implementing Business Ratios
Module 8: Developing & Implementing a Marketing Plan
Module 9: Developing and Implementing KPI’s & Dashboards
Module 10: Hiring, Training, & Motivating a Sales Force
Module 11: The 7 Stages of Business Growth – Management Styles & Priorities
Module 12: Maximizing Profits and Exit Planning

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