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LMD Phase 1

Supervisors and new Managers have to walk a tricky line between getting things done and supervising the people who were once peers. We can help get those basic Leadership skills in place so that the Supervisor can effectively lead their team, and still get the job done.

Phase 1 – Supervisor or New Manager

Module 1: Program Overview & Lead-Manage-Do Leadership
Module 2: Time Management, Managing your Tasks, and Delegation
Module 3: Coaching using GROW
Module 4: Leading & Managing Change
Module 5: Orientation Programs
Module 6: Hiring Tactical Tools
Module 7: High Performance Teams
Module 8: Effective Interviewing
Module 9: Conducting a Job Analysis
Module 10: Performance Standards and Feedback
Module 11: Performance Evaluations
Module 12: Empowerment & Motivation


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