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Entrepreneur Development

Being an entrepreneur is tough. Starting & running your own company, from growing revenues to inventing processes, controlling expenses, hiring and keeping your employees happy (all while trying to have a life) is a huge challenge.

Have you ever said…

“Running my own business isn’t what I expected it to be.”
“I wish my business was more profitable.”
“It makes me crazy not knowing what I don’t know until I have to face it.”
“The work never ends, and I don’t know how to get that under control.”
“This working alone is tough… it’s lonely here at the top!”

If you’ve ever said or thought even one of the above statements, the “Essentials” Entrepreneur series is for you.

Module 1: The Essentials of Starting a Business
Module 2: The Essentials of Creating a Business Plan
Module 3: The Essentials of Getting things Done
Module 4: The Essentials of Business Business Financing
Module 5: The Essentials of Financial Statements
Module 6: The Essentials of Business Accounting
Module 7: The Essentials of Marketing & Planning
Module 8: The Essentials of Social Media Marketing
Module 9: The Essentials of Networking & Face to Face meetings
Module 10: The Essentials of Sales & Salesforce Management
Module 11: The Essentials of Strategic Planning
Module 12: The Essentials of Dashboards & Key Performance Indicators


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