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Fill in the gaps in leadership knowledge.

Very few Leaders start out with formal training. In fact, most become leaders by first being the best “DOer” of a particular area, get promoted, then learn how to be a manager or executive by trial and error.

As a result much of a typical Leadership team has what is called “Swiss cheese” development – lots of holes in their body of Leadership knowledge. is proud to offer the Lead-Manage-Do Leadership Development™ Program – professional Manager and Executive training programs designed to expand upon what your managers already know and fill in the gaps in their leadership knowledge.

This modularized program is built around a variety of Core Competencies every leader needs to know.

A powerful, modular approach

Each module of the Lead-Manage-Do Leadership Development™ Program is designed to be done as a stand alone class, so the Phases can be customized to meet your company’s unique needs, and completed in any order. We can even deliver the modules as individual workshops without enrolling in a full 12-module Phase.

All content is delivered by a professional facilitator with deep experience in the topic, and follows a written curriculum that the program participants can also read at their own pace. The last part of each module is an active discussion and exercises designed to really bring the content home.

Modules typically run 2-3 hours, with occasional extensions up to 1 hour more, depending on how lively the discussion becomes.

While each phase of the  Lead-Manage-Do Leadership Development™ Program is designed to take 6-12 months to complete (1 module every 2-4 weeks), we can also bring this program to your company for your management team and complete all 3 phases in as little as 6-9 intensive months.

Phase 1 – Supervisor or New Manager

Phase 2 – Manager

Phase 3 – Senior Manager

Phase 4 – Executive also offers help for Start Up Companies in Entrepreneur series.

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